Kamp Woodstock is a children's show dedicated to educating kids about the arts. Each week children will discover hidden talents, and, along with the hippest camp counselors, will learn to use arts and crafts to make the world a better place.

Kamp Woodstock is non-stop fun where campers and viewers at home can partake in many activities throughout their day. These activities include how to make music, crafts, and all different kinds of art. They will even learn how to be green! Watch as the camp members make crafts, sing along with the camp band, Baze and His Silly Friends, and other special musical guests, and paint pictures with their imaginations.

Unlike other children's shows whose focus is on spelling and math, this unique show's purpose is to get children and their families involved in the arts, spend time together, and enjoy the outdoors.

Kamp Woodstock will feature puppets and animated cartoons alongside live action that will resemble the vintage kid shows of the 60s and 70s.